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"That's all teaching is, arranging contingencies which bring about change in behavior."

B.F. Skinner

Prehensile Tailed Porcupine training

What Sets Us Apart?

Because lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, we commit ourselves to the time it takes. While hands-on teaching with a mentor is the best way to learn, true change happens with on-going coached practice. Behavior 360 provides both with a consistent, cohesive plan. In addition to onsite training, we utilize technology to stay connected and provide further support as needs arise and to allow for continuing education opportunities for you. Your work is important, and we’re always available for online or in-person consultations.

Training your Trainers

Behavior 360, with 30 years of international animal and training experience, is ready to lead you through your training needs. We teach your staff the ins and outs of animal training, leaving your trainers with new and improved skills they can use with confidence. A well-rounded animal training program benefits your team and your animals, leading to improved welfare for both.  New or improved training skills ease daily tasks and make medical procedures easier and less stressful too. Great training also benefits your guests as it increases opportunities for new and enhanced guest experiences. In short, a cohesive training program can have a ripple effect throughout your organization. Behavior 360 looks forward to guiding you through that process.

Toco Toucan under the towel
Training People

Presentations and Workshops

Through weeklong workshops and extended in-services, Behavior 360 inspires, develops, and empowers your team to create animal behavior programs that improve animal welfare, engage your keepers, and create unforgettable guest experiences. From training for voluntary blood draws, to training for guest encounters, the opportunities to create a better experience through training is almost endless, and we’re here to show you the way.

Sea-lion Training

Online Support and Training 

Today's technology allows us easy access to staying in touch to keep the learning going. Behavior 360 continues to support your program after we help you set it up or improve it, and we are always available for online or in-person consults.

Wouter Stellaard Computer
Dakota Zoo Training
Tortoise Target Training
Stabatha's day out
Red Panda Experience
Window to the Wild

Recent Projects

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