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Training Your Staff is What We Do

We all know a great trainer when we see one, but what specific skills lead to excellence in this field? First and foremost, great trainers understand the science of behavior change and apply it effectively. They understand that they work with animals; their relationship is a partnership relationship. Great trainers are attuned to body language and are keenly aware of the environment. They are not only excellent decision makers, they also understand that optimum timing is crucial. Finally, great trainers understand that learning is not a linear process, and they recognize when to move forward, backward, when to mark behavior, when to reinforce, when to stop, start, and more. Performance, feedback, revision…no wonder it’s hard! But that’s training, and Behavior 360 can help. In addition to teaching all these skills, our programs foster a culture of positive reinforcement and open communication within your staff. Team members come away with a personal sense of growth, empowerment, being valued, and invested in.

Skunk Training
Vegimite Training

Just a few things we train for:

  • Voluntary injections

  • Voluntary blood draws

  • Voluntary vaccinations

  • Voluntary routine exams 

  • Scaling behavior

  • EKG behavior

  • Guest Interactions

  • Shows and other presentations

  • Transports

  • Natural behavior for interpretation in the animal’s habitat

  • Many more

Don’t see your training need on the list? Let’s talk behavior! We’re anxious to help you find solutions.

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