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Great Talking to Jon Rossi and Dr. Zoë Vesley-Gross

This was a fun podcast with Jon and Dr. Zoë. We hit a lot of topics like training in Adventure Cove at the Columbus Zoo and how we gave animals more control through providing choices in their training. We talked a little about how I got my start in the industry and what Behavior 360 is doing. We addressed how we are planing on growing the training profession and moving the bar higher as well as guest experiences and defining moments. Thank you Jon and Zoë for a fun podcast.

Please let us know as always if there are any questions that come up just hit the contact us link above or below.

On a side note in the podcast I talk about a veterinarian that reinforces her clients for taking training classes. She reinforces them with discounted rates for procedures which is such a great way to apply the science of behavior change. Her name is Dr. Lori Hess Dvm.

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